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Birding images with cameras, telescopes, and locations

This site includes images of birds taken in areas my wife and I frequent near where we live and where we travel for vacationing and visiting our grandchildren. The equipment used is also described.

My overall approach to bird watching is to go somewhere for a hike with my camera along just in case. I usually have not gone in search of a particular bird. For example the Elegant Trogon above was seen at Patagonia Lake State Park. We had heard there were other birds there but it was the wrong time of year for Trogons. A young family that didn't know what it was pointed it out to us. We found out later it had been observed wintering over in the area that year. It was one of the best photo opportunities I have ever had.

I started taking photographs so I could later compare them to what was in the bird books for identification. My definition of an "ok" photo was one that allowed me to identify the bird. Thus some photos are better than others. Lately I have considerably upped the requirements for what I consider a good photo and purchased new camera equipment to reflect that higher standard. This definitely shows in the quality of more recent images. The lists for the different areas are by no means complete. They are mostly what I have just happened to run into while in that area.

Only 20 miles away from our home is Madera Canyon, a well know Southwestern birding location. There are trails along Madera Creek where the birding is excellent. Also local lodges have a number of bird feeders for public viewing.

There are a many species in Green Valley, Arizona. My father-in-law identified 40 species in just one day from our house and yard. We have added several bird feeders just outside a large bedroom window where several of these images were taken. I can even use a spotting scope from inside.

There are many other excellent birding areas in the southwest (Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah) that we frequent on occasion.

The rest of our travels usually involve the west coast states California, Oregon, and Washington.

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