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M51 comparing Meade DSI I and DSI II cameras

M51 comparing Meade DSI I and DSI II cameras

Date: April, 2006

Telescope: Meade 10 inch and Celestron 11 XLT both at f/5

Camera: Meade DSI color II and I

Exposure: 30 2-min and 29 1-min subframes respectively

Comments: I took Chuck Reeseís RGB April 2006 Processing Challenge (Meade_DSI Yahoo Group) data (M51, 30x2-min) from the DSI II and generated a luminance layer in AstroArt 3. Then I processed the LRGB data as I did with my own DSI I data (29x1-min) for M51. I tried to get the two images as close as possible to each other for comparison. (My image of M51 is slightly larger since I used an 11 inch scope at f/5 versus Chuckís 10 inch at f/5.) Within my limited processing abilities I donít see a lot of difference except for the obvious larger FOV of the DSI II which is an important consideration for many targets.

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