Narrowband Imaging

C27, Crescent Nebula, HaOIIIOIII

C27, Crescent Nebula, HaOIIIOIII

Date: October 26 (Ha) and November 18 (OIII), 2007

Telescope: C8 XLT f/1.8 on CGE mount polar aligned (Ha), NexStar 8 GPS f/1.8 Alt/Az mount (OIII)

Camera: Meade DSI pro

Exposure: 34 1-min subframes (34 min total) H-alpha and 20 1-min subframes (20 min total) Oxygen III unguided.

Comments: HyperStar lens, Astronomik 13nm Hydrogen-alpha filter and 13nm Oxygen III filter. Black and white Ha used for red channel and OIII for both the green and blue channels using Noel Carboni's Astronomy Tools. Very little OIII emissions from this nebula.

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